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Guest speakers

Barbara O'neill

International Renowned Educator Naturopath and Nutritionist

Hi, I’m Barbara, and I believe that the body was designed to heal itself.

I’m here to help YOU unlock your body’s natural healing potential. My focus is teaching YOU how to live a healthy lifestyle, including proper diet, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, water, stress management, and natural treatments.

I am here to help YOU unlock the power of your own immune system, and live a life where YOU are in control of your health.

Lecture Topics

1 Hormones and Sexual Health
2 Diabetes & Weight Loss
3 DNA & The True Cause of Disease
4 Cancer: Causes and Treatment
5 Natural Treatments for the Home
6 Heart Health & High Blood Pressure
7 Improving Health through Digestion
8 The Liver: Your Body’s Project Manager

9 Healing the Mind & Safeguarding Against Depression
10 Fantastic Fats
11 Acid/Alkaline Levels in the Body
12 The Colon: Simple Clues to Ensure Regular Activity
13 Fungus: A Mushrooming Epidemic
14 Rewiring the Brain
15 Activity is Life
16 Water & Salt

17 Empowering your Immune System
18 Gut Health, Chronic Fatigue & Irritable Bowel Syndrome
19 Child Nutrition
20 Osteoporosis
21 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
22 Sinus and Respiratory Problems
23 Insomnia

Garth Warner

Exercise with love

I have been working as a Holistic Exercise Coach here in Peru for the past 6 years. We are each such beautifully unique souls and there are so many approaches to what challenges us, that it can be confusing. My work focuses on the fundamentals of intention, breath, movement and strength training, by breaking down and simplifying movement patterns and moving toward mind and body alignment. Let’s explore ourselves together for a better you.

Talin Malekian


Astrology combined with Psychology has proven to be a great diagnostic tool, for decades, in helping accurately explore the health of one’s psyche and to help bring it into integration, which means to live a fulfilling life by having the freedom to be one’s complexities. By understanding our past as it relates to childhood traumas, then understanding the current adult life as it relates to reoccurring conflictual patterns, and finally exploring the future by using both data, we can come up with an accurate understanding of what needs remain to be integrated to come into greater states of wholeness. Our work together can help validate some of your most trying experiences as an absolutely necessary part of your life, in order to evolve towards your intended and higher destinies. As is always, you are the authority on your life, I am just the map reader, however with your willingness to explore, we can really understand the archetypes you wanted to learn from and master the lessons of in this lifetime.


Understanding how to work with holistic medicine

Justin has been practising herbal and holistic paths of healing for the past 4 years. Before this he was a patient of these medicines for 10 years while he lived in China and India. With a degree in Religious Studies he had a natural affinity with these cultures which eventually led him to apprentice in herbal traditions as they are deeply tied to spirituality and cannot be separated from each other. Instead of a formal study program, Justin had the fortunate opportunity of apprenticing at a prominent herbal apothecary and farm in Upstate, New York where he met his teachers and began practising this work. Justin now combines Ayurveda, TCM and North American herbalism in his practice as a matchmaker between plants and people.


The gut & skin connection

For over a decade, Amayra pursued corporate success until burnout led her to hospitalisation, prompting a soul-searching journey. Disappointed by conventional medicine’s inability to address her symptoms, she turned to yoga and Ayurveda, finding healing in India. Inspired by her recovery, she delved into Ayurvedic studies. Now, she shares her wisdom to empower women, particularly millennials, to manage rosacea naturally and attain holistic well-being. Amayra recognizes her health struggles as a transformative gift, shaping her mission to help others achieve vibrant skin and inner balance. Through her work, she celebrates the interconnectedness of body, mind, and soul, viewing skin health as a reflection of overall well-being. Passionate about guiding women through their journeys, she embodies experience, love, and compassion in her holistic approach to skincare.