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Who are we? is an event fundraiser bringing alternative guest speakers and practitioners from around the world to share their knowledge.

Our aim is to help smaller organisations and individuals struggling to bring alternative education and solutions to much needed areas of the Andes in Peru, which is often overlooked by bigger NGO’s. With large organisations there are inherent problems with accountability, transparency and unfair monetary distribution.

As a small enterprise we aim to bridge that gap, allowing you to see exactly where profits and donations go by providing updates as projects get completed. Finding solutions for today and future challenges, then implementing in a way that is realistic and economical while minimising any detrimental effects socially or culturally.

About Garth

I came to Peru from New Zealand on a personal quest following the ancient bloodline of a disappearing Maori lineage called the Urukehu. While volunteering at a Yoga Retreat in the Sacred Valley I had an epiphany through an Ayahuasca ceremony. The information gifted to me was that my quest was a distraction from living presently, what is important is LOVE and to seek those who are hurting and give them love. She (Pachamama) also told me “you are home”. I took that two ways, home in my heart and here in Peru. To many of us, those are the words we long for, especially if we are a nomad seeking somewhere to settle.